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Payback Feature List

Maximum employees
Maximum companies
Compliant with HMRC legislation
Nett-to-gross calculations
Multiple pay frequencies (weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, monthly, two-monthly, quarterly, four-monthly, six-monthly, annual)
Full statutory calculations for SMP, SPP, SAP, SSP
Print payslips to blank paper or pre-printed payslips
Preview payslips
Email payslips
Full payment history (spanning multiple years without db restore)
Easy rewind facility
Student loans
Automatically calculates sick pay including linking etc.
Appropriate Personal Pension (APP)
Calculates director's NICs for annual earnings period
Tax and NI calculated
Holiday tracking
Cost centres
Departments and job costing
Microsoft Excel integration
Year end reports
Password security at user and company level
PDF integration
Period archive
Split nett pay
ROS compatible
Supports 3 pay methods: Paypath, cash and cheque
Split nett pay
Rewind payments and pay full year by employee
Free downloadable trial version
Cost (ex VAT)